About Us

  • We are a privately held Illinois Corporation
  • We have 4 applications now available
  • Our 5th app releases soon
  • Over 50,000 downloads
  • All of our apps have a 4+ rating
  • Our apps are available on 7 stores

Our Goals

  • Understand mobile apps and what drives revenues and consumer satisfaction
  • Anticipate new opportunities and industry trends
  • Participate in the industry’s success by providing value added services to the app community

Our Methods

  • Monitor the trends
  • Add value with each service
  • Focus on the infrastructure
  • Develop with Innovation
  • Ensure wide availability
  • Partner when synergies are obvious and benefits are mutual
  • Rating

    Adam - Doodle Dawg Pro

    awesome I love the black canvas and glowing colors best drawing app ever I would totally recommend this to all android users :)

  • Rating

    Ton - Doodle Dawg Pro

    Fun Liked it so much - uninstalled the free one and got the paid one with no ads.

  • Rating

    James - Doodle Dawg

    Nice app You can make all sorts of pictures! Even a few illusions! Glad i have it. Nice neon!

  • Rating

    Matt - Doodle Dawg

    Fantastic! Easy to use. Really helpful with highlighting details on a cell phone picture at work.

  • Rating

    Veronica - Doodle Dawg

    Must have!! Love it for adding quotes, messages and information to my pictures. As a Mom its a must have.

  • Rating

    예린 - Doodle Dawg

    우와 굿!.

  • Rating

    Оксана - Share2QR

    Сг2 Класс! Мне из всех нравится этот больше.

  • Rating

    lorinpda - Share2QR

    Really easy to use Real time saver Hi, Was able to share a photo I took with my neighbor while riding the elevator of our building.

  • Rating

    Colin - SQL Server Manager

    Great and lite SQL console Nice program that has saved me a few trips to the office!