WordSurf MultiPlayer Word Game



A single and multiplayer word search game with dictionary!

Word Surf is the new single and multi-player word search game - a game that makes improving your vocabulary and learning new words fun!

Compete with your word surf friends or play alone. Compare your prowess with all our players, those in your country, just your friends via Word Surf leaderboards! . Make a word and Word Surf will look up the definition for you and if it's available, let you hear how it is pronounced! You found a word not in our dictionary? Challenge it and we'll look inline for you... if we find it, we add it to your dictionary!

How to play:
Playing is easy! You can play be yourself, or compete with friends. The object of both games is the same – make as many words as you can before “high tide” (when the playing surface is filled with water). Each time you make a word, the letters that were used disappear and you get new letters. There is no penalty for spelling words which aren’t in our dictionary, in fact, finding new words is a great way to increase your score.

After each game, we’ll give you a list of the words you made… both the words we found and those we did not. Click on any word to retrieve the definition. If you believe the word you made is a word but wasn’t in our dictionary, challenge it – when you do we’ll check for you.

The game summary is a great place to expand your vocabulary – any word you made that you’re curious about, click on it to see the definition and hear how it is pronounced!

Word of The Day:
You get additional points for making the word of the day, which is displayed before each game on a boat sailing by.

Word Surf Tools:
Word Surf has 5 different tools at the bottom of the playing area:
- Shake – discards all the letters and gives you new ones. 
- Shuffle – keep the letters, but move them around on the board
- Freeze – stops the water from filling momentarily, but you can still make words
- Swap - Switches the position of the next 2 letters you touch. 
- Replace – Replaces the next letter you touch with a random (but known) letter.

The last 2 tools (Swap and Replace) are available periodically throughout the game.. When you need them, watch for them to become enabled.

Power Up
Before each game, you’ll be given the chance to trade any rewards you’ve earned for additional tools.The number of each of the tools you get varies by your rank. To view the ranks and the tools, select “Options” from the main menu, then “View Ranks”.

To play by yourself, select “Play” from the main menu. That’s all there is to it! If you want your scores to be displayed on the Leaderboard to the rest of the Word Surf users, be sure to register. Once you do, you can build your own leaderboard with you and your friends!

Playing a competition is a great way to build your vocabulary, measure your progress against your friends and demonstrate your mastery of the game and English! To compete, press the ‘Compete’ button on the main menu, then select ‘Compete Now’.

We’ll show you a list of your friends. Select one, give the game a compelling name and the fun begins.

The game is played identically to a solo game. Once you’re finished, you’ll want to challenge any words that we didn’t find in our dictionary. Then the game is sent off to your friend.
When your friend plays, he or she uses the same letters you used. The initial board and all new letters are the same, but as letters are replaced when you make words, they are not necessarily put in the same location as they were on your board. The combinations are infinite… play to see who can use the letters better! 
Once the game is finished, your opponent is given the chance to challenge words as well. Then, after all challenges are complete, your opponent is shown the list of words that he or she made and the list of words you made. The scores for words you both made are removed and the winner is determined based on the total. The game is then sent back you for you to view the results and, if you won, to collect your awards.

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