Doodle Dawg: Sketch Draw Color

A great drawing app for Android phones and tablets. Provides many capabilities.

If you don’t mind ads, Doodle Dawg is the software for you. If has the same functionality as Doodle Dawg Pro, except it displays ads and includes a Doodle Dawg watermark on the pictures. If you find this intrusive after trying, upgrade to our Doodle Dawg Pro.

You can:

  • Create doodles on blank canvases or overlaying photographs,
  • Add scribbles, lines, rectangles, ovals, or text,
  • Define and save custom colors,
  • Save doodles,
  • Load saved doodles later,
  • Send doodles via Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Skype, SMS, etc. with 1 tap,
  • Undo/redo unlimited times,

and many other things.

Enjoy the free version or upgrade to our ad free Doodle Dawg!

Feedback is very much appreciated, and we will do our best to respond to support issues and new feature requests in a timely fashion. The best way to reach us is at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Enjoy!

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  • Rating

    Adam - Doodle Dawg Pro

    awesome I love the black canvas and glowing colors best drawing app ever I would totally recommend this to all android users :)

  • Rating

    Ton - Doodle Dawg Pro

    Fun Liked it so much - uninstalled the free one and got the paid one with no ads.

  • Rating

    James - Doodle Dawg

    Nice app You can make all sorts of pictures! Even a few illusions! Glad i have it. Nice neon!

  • Rating

    Matt - Doodle Dawg

    Fantastic! Easy to use. Really helpful with highlighting details on a cell phone picture at work.

  • Rating

    Veronica - Doodle Dawg

    Must have!! Love it for adding quotes, messages and information to my pictures. As a Mom its a must have.

  • Rating

    예린 - Doodle Dawg

    우와 굿!.

  • Rating

    Оксана - Share2QR

    Сг2 Класс! Мне из всех нравится этот больше.

  • Rating

    lorinpda - Share2QR

    Really easy to use Real time saver Hi, Was able to share a photo I took with my neighbor while riding the elevator of our building.

  • Rating

    Colin - SQL Server Manager

    Great and lite SQL console Nice program that has saved me a few trips to the office!